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By Russell Flannery   John Wu a decade and a half ago arrived early at one of the world’s most remarkable businesses in recent times: Alibaba Group. He joined as chief technology officer at a time when few outside of China had heard of the company, which has gone on to become an icon — albeit a controversial one – of the country’s large […]

Matt RV

Matt Hu spoke with Real Vision TV to share his insights into China and regional Asian markets. Real Vision enables you to sign up for a free 7 day trial so you can enjoy the interview. Watch video here


John Wu shares his journey as a pioneer tech investor with Real Vision TV. Real Vision enables a free 7 day trial so you may enjoy this video. Watch the video here.

BBG pic

By Suzy Waite, Bei Hu   Hedge funds in Asia, which navigated turbulent markets to post gains in 2015, had nowhere to hide in January. As global stocks, currencies, commodities and risky bonds were roiled in a renewed frenzy of selling in January, hedge funds including those from Quam Asset Management Ltd. and Greenwoods Asset […]


By Suzy Waite. Many Asia hedge funds are positioning for further decreases in oil prices this year as China’s economic growth slows, while carefully picking stocks both long and short that are impacted by environmental initiatives in the region. “We expect more devaluation of the yuan,” John Foo, chief investment officer of Singapore-based Kingsmead Asset Management, […]

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By Bei Hu. Hedge Fund With 138% Gain Says China Shorts Easier to Spot – Bloomberg Business <link href=”//assets.bwbx.io/business/public/stylesheets/noscript-cf54a8ba88.css” media=”all” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”> Hao Capital Management, whose Greater China-focused hedge fund returned 138 percent this year, said it is easier to identify targets to wager against among yuan-denominated China stocks than to spot those with the […]

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By Suzy Waite. F&H Fund Management, the asset manager co-founded by the former chief technology officer of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., is so bearish on stocks in China that it is opening its hedge fund to outside investors. The FengHe Asia Fund is seeking to more than triple assets to $300 million by the end […]

A capital shortage in China? Co-founder of internet giant Alibaba Group, John Wu, who is now chairman of
venture firm F&H Fund Management Group, explains his views
on China’s internet sector to PE Asia.